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High quality at very affordable prices, free and quick shipping. Free and easy returns.

In this picture, a trip to Disney with my husband and our two sons.

I am a member of a military family, which requires me to move frequently to different states. Because of this, I refer to my family as nomads. In the past, I have worked as a certified medical administrative assistant, which becomes increasingly difficult after every move. Because of the recent technological advantages, I decided to start my own online business. This enables me to remain employed regardless of my nomad living situation.

Since I was a child, my grandmother taught me the importance of taking care of myself, which included my appearance. I have always enjoyed fashion because when I look good, I feel confident, and empowered, my self-esteem grows, and my days become brighter. I believe when a woman feels gorgeous on the outside, she is much more confident in everything she does.

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