The quilted coat is a fancy term for a coat with puffed sleeves, a long skirt, and elongate, voluminous sleeves. It was designed in the 1800s by women who wanted to keep themselves warm while wearing something that was considered unfeminine, like pants or trousers. It was assembled of pieces of linen sewn together and then utilized as a warmer.

Nowadays, quilted jackets are build with two coatings of fabric sewn together with a layer of insulation in between, then these two coatings are quilted jointly as intermissions along the jacket length, to deliver a high quality of warmth.

A quilted jacket is suitable for the fall and winter season, winter sports, or just for going out. To be more practical, you should consider wearing a quilted jacket when you go out on a cold evening. It will keep you warm while maintaining your outfit stylish.

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10 diciembre 2021 — Raysa Castano
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