With V-day approaching, we start getting a little bit anxious about what to wear, which color will be perfect for that first date, etc. Even if it's not our first date, just the thought of going on a date makes it very special, and we like to look amazing. Here are some tips and tricks you can use for a magic date.

First of all, wear something that makes you feel comfortable. It is not the occasion to start trying something new. Feeling confident in your outfit will allow you to enjoy and engage in conversations with no worries.

Colors affect our attitudes and emotions. Color psychologists acknowledge that one can develop chemistry by using the correct colors.
Colors improve our attitude and attract people towards us.

Scientists have suggested that wearing red will make you more attractive to the opposite sex, no wonder why valentine's holiday uses the color red. Psychologically speaking, red symbolizes status, sexiness, passion, power, courage, and health.

According to Color-Meanings.com in 2010, a group of researchers conducted two different experiments, where they found that men asked more intimate or personal questions to women wearing red, and women considered that men wearing red have higher social statutes.
And according to color psychologists, wearing red and black can make you look more attractive.

Let's be clear, red is such a stunning color, but it also can make us feel daunted by it. Furthermore, some others think that red is hard to incorporate into an outfit but is not. The first step is to find the red shade that goes with your skin tone, hair, and eyes, the one that makes you feel sexy and powerful at the same time. It can be combined with some black pants, or a skirt for an elevated look, or with some jeans for a more relaxed, confident look. Here is a great example of a relaxed but powerful look with red. WOMEN'S FLORAL LONG SLEEVE BLOUSE

If you are going for a less daring look, black is your go-to color, it implies sexiness, power, confidence, sophistication, and it makes us look thinner. How great is that?

Here is another examples of a sophisticated, relaxed and confident black outfit in which you will look amazing WOMEN'S PLUS SIZE LACE OFF SHOULDER BLACK BLOUSE



02 febrero 2022 — Raysa Castano

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