Acrylic Gel Nail Kit

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Acrylic Gel Nail Kit Specifications:

Experience hassle-free nail styling with our Acrylic Gel Nail Kit! Our advanced kit is designed with an intelligent infrared sensor and digital display for adherence to the perfect timing. The fast-drying technology offers convenience and portability, so you can take salon-style results with you wherever you go. Plus, with plenty of colors to choose from, your creativity knows no bounds. 

  • nails: nail art tool
  • nail lamp: with 120W/54W/80W Nail Lamp
  • nail drill machine: 35000rpm
  • Type3: Manicure kits with nail art tools
  • Type2: gel nail kits with lamp
  • Size: gel polish nail set
  • Quantity: 10-color nail polish set
  • Nail Gel: 10 pcs nail gel
  • Model Number: nail kit
  • Material: Plastic
  • Item Type: Set & Kit
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