Spring is like a new beginning when everything starts blooming, trees begin to be reborn into a new life, the weather gets warmer daylight gets longer, and spring animals have their babies. The earth starts a new journey into the year. Why don't we?

Let's rejuvenate our wardrobe with some much-needed lightness, putting away all of our cold sweaters and jackets and reborn into more colorful and fresh outfits. The babydoll dress is an excellent piece to welcome spring with style, like this Women's Floral Open Back Long Sleeves Light Green Mini Dress. Its long sleeves  and the flattering high-cut bodice gives you the freshness, joy, and comfortability needed during the spring season.

2022 runway shows from New York to Tokyo, spring trends also involve black and white bold stripes perfect for those who are not into flowery blooming spring colors.
But don't put away your tie-dye just yet. Hold on to your sweatpants if you love informal dressing, and for those who enjoy playing with fashion combinations, wear them with jackets, sweatshirts, or jeans. This trend has been around for a long time, and it is still blasting up for a big season.

March 30, 2022 — Raysa Castano
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