Fashion tendencies 2022 are predicted to be an outbreak into dressing up again. It will be all about extremes, omit neutrals, or traditional creams. This coming season will be an outbreak of bright colors, is time for us to boost our mood. An easy way to get into it comfortably is to start with colorful accessories, such as a purse or shoes, and add them to a look you feel comfortable wearing.

 You will find yourself having to decide between mini or maxi. If you don't feel comfortable showing too much leg, a way to make it work will be adding some tights and knee-length boots to your look for additional coverage until the weather heats up.
When it comes to style, there is no age limit. It's all about how you wear it and when you feel most assured.
Maxi dresses are constant winners. They are flattering, comfortable and any style will guarantee your summer look is at the top.

 Open knit tops will be massive news this season, choose a style with an additional tassel at the base dropping over your hips, and wear it with a slim-fit midi skirt for a look that exceeds expectations.

There is no need to feel shy about the cut-out section of clothes, which will be a statement this season, even though it can be intimidating, you can use keyhole details, open backs, and cold shoulder tops that expose a little without the feeling of showing too much.

March 26, 2022 — Raysa Castano
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